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    I am now trying the OpenXLR8 flow with Quartus. I followed the instructions in the README file and seem to have succeeded going through the full flow.
    I am now planning to do some experimentation but as the JTAG pin header is still on it’s way I don’t want to brick the device in the mean time. When converting the programming file I see that xlr8_top.sof is put both in page_0 and page_1. Do I need to keep page_0 or page_1 to known good bitstream or does the bootloader programming from the arduino GUI only program one page and keeps one always the original ?
    Even when experimenting I want to always be able to switch to known good by shorting the cfg_sel pin on the board.

    Jason Pecor

    If you stick with the OpenXLR8 flow, one of the configuration locations is always preserved so that you can get XLR8 back into a known good state if you end up corrupting the main image.

    We created a video for that here:

    However, if you start programming the MAX 10 via JTAG directly from Quartus, you run the risk of completely wiping both configurations. At that point, the AVR IP and logic that allows the OpenXLR8 flow to work will be removed.

    Are you currently planning to program the MAX 10 as a bare metal FPGA through JTAG?



    No, I don’t think it’s needed to make my life difficult (in the short term).
    In the package with the JTAG header there will also be breadboard, LEDs and other play materials…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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