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    I followed your instructions linked here ( and upon compiling and uploading the board returned this on the serial mon. (5 ±59p¼é`µy109;ý8ð5ø¤4x) I don’t believe that’s what was intended. After setting baud rate to 115200 everything parsed well.

    After setting baud rate correctly, returned:

    FPGA Image: 16 MHz Float Servo NeoPixel r1682
    XLR8 Hardware Version Number = 1682
    XLR8 CID = 0x8CDFD600
    DesignConfig = 0x8
    Image = 1
    Clock = 16 MHz
    XB_ENABLE = 0x7
    Has Floating Point Add, Subtract, and Multiply
    Has Floating Point Divide
    Has Servo XB
    Has NeoPixel XB
    Int Osc = 85.13 MHz

    //removed my id for security purpose.//

    GetXLRVersion Complete

    Is this forum still active?


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