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    I received an XLR8 board at an Altera training session last March. I decided to experiment with it some more and started with the Arduino blink example to make sure everything was communicating fine. Well, it did not work. Other I/O seem fine, but D13 will not toggle (thus the LED does not blink). I downloaded the schematic and board files to track down the routing of this signal. It appears that the pin 1 input to Q7 is not toggling when I examine it with an oscilloscope. Is pin M11 on the FPGA cooked?

    To be honest, I’m not sure D13 ever worked. Have there been any reports of issues between the level shifters and the FPGA I/O?

    I did verify that the LFSR example (from the XLR8 training) still worked and I was also able to toggle D12 and read it via D11 with a jumper. Everything seems fine except for D13. Configuring D13 as an input results in always reading a 0.

    My XLR8 board is Rev 2.2 with a build date of 02.2016.


    Hi…how about connecting your LED and resistor to the pin that is blinking.
    You have the LED connected to 5V and gnd from what I can see, it will stay ON because they are the power supply pins.You need to connect the LED and resistor to pin 13 and gnd.
    The blink sketch outputs to the LED and pin13.


    Hi…I have similar problem but on the Arduino Leonardo and Arduino Leonardo Eth. When I upload the example program the diode on the board is blinking but it seems that there is no voltage on the output pins. Because it is the same on both boards I suspect I’m missing something basic.
    Boards are powered with the USB cable, they are new and I’m using latest IDE on Windows 7.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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