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Jason Pecor

Looks like we found the culprit, here. There’s a define in the XLR8NeoPixel.h file that is now causing the compile error. It appears to be a new collision with the Adafruit libraries, but we didn’t dig into the deep details, yet.

That said, simply commenting out line 176 of the current XLR8NeoPixel.h library file will get you past this compile error and appears to keep everything working nicely.

For example:

In XLR8NeoPixel.h
175 #define NEO_KHZ800 0x0000 // 800 KHz datastream
176 // #define NEO_KHZ400 0x0100 // 400 KHz datastream

We will push a new library header file out to GitHub, as well, but it may take a bit for Arduino to pick it up. Your quickest path to NeoPixel bliss may be to edit the .h file.

Hope this helps!